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A global platform to promote innovation in aviation, from a name that is synonymous with aviation transformation.

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Innovation Forum

Interviews and Discussions with Aviation’s most Innovative and Forward Thinking Leaders.

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Alliance Impact

The first Alliance was launched during the Pandemic.

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The Process


Rapidly identify the critical barriers to achieving zero-carbon aviation including long distance and high speed flight


Identify near-term actions needed to immediately achieve economical net zero carbon aviation operations.


Determine concrete actions and metrics to advance and measure progress toward addressing these goals.


Incentivize breakthrough technologies, new industry standards and supporting policy.

About Us

charles and anne lindbergh

Charles & Anne Lindbergh

The Lindbergh Foundation continues the legacy of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s lifetime of service by spearheading bold solutions and inspiring talent to help balance technology and the environment.

Founded in 1977 by Neil Armstrong, General James Doolittle and other friends of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, the Lindbergh Foundation has a distinguished history of enabling innovation at the nexus of technology and the environment.

Through its awards, it has honored many prominent individuals for their extraordinary contributions to aviation and the environment. Through its grants, it has helped nurture talent and launch promising careers. Through its programs, it has helped apply the technologies of flight to preservation of the environment.

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