Lindbergh Grants

The Lindbergh Foundation has historically provided funds to accelerate progress and the adoption of new ideas in various fields.

Over our namesake’s almost 100-year history, many grants have been awarded by The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation in the amount of $10,580 – the same cost needed by the late Charles Lindbergh to develop the Spirit of St. Louis. These awarded funds have helped recipients propel their work forward, and in some cases, helped them launch new careers.

Grant Recipients

Robert Dell


“The Lindbergh Foundation grant was the first engineering-related grant I received,” said Robert Dell, “This enabled me to establish credibility in the engineering research community and enabled my career in the field of environmental engineering…”

Tierney Thys

TIerney Thys Sunfish

In 2003, The Lindbergh Foundation awarded Tierney a grant to gather vital conservation information on the giant ocean sunfishes. Tierney’s grant provided funds for high-tech satellite tags to track several ocean sunfish off the coast of California…

Gordon Hempton

1989 Wally Hampton Photography credit

The afternoon he received the call notifying him he would be awarded the grant, Gordon looked at his then toddler-aged son and said, “Daddy doesn’t have to be a bike messenger anymore!”… 

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