The Challenge:
Decarbonize Aviation
Accelerating aviation’s transition from carbon fuels to sustainable alternatives

A Century of Innovation - Join Us!

100th anniversary goal: Make aviation sustainable using incentive prizes and inspire the next generation to live into that future.
10 visionaries Jump-start the Centennial circle of 100 backers amplifying the Lindbergh Foundation’s innovation programs and prize for sustainable aviation fuel.
$10m XPRIZE awarded! Jump-starting private spaceflight industry
75th anniversary: Erik Lindbergh retraces transatlantic flight for the benefit of XPRIZE.
"Most important flight in history" Charles A. Lindbergh's 1927 solo NY to Paris flight. Backed by 9 St. Louis visionaries - naming aircraft The Spirit of St. Louis
$25k prize offered for Transatlantic flight from NY to Paris

Forever Flight Alliance

A global, all-industry approach to decarbonize aviation using incentive prizes.

100th Anniversary

Save the Date: May 21, 2027

Celebrating Charles Lindbergh’s historic Spirit of St. Louis transatlantic flight from New York to Paris.

spirit of st louis


Collaborations with schools, institutions & innovators to shape a sustainable future.

Help Us Decarbonize Aviation

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