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Terry and Mary Kohler
2009 Recipient

Terry and Mary Kohler were selected to receive the 2009 Lindbergh Award for their lifelong dedication to environmental conservation, and the more recent use of their airplanes to help reintroduce trumpeter swans and whooping cranes in the United States.


Terry Kohler is president and CEO of Windway Capital Corp., and Mary Kohler is vice president of Windway Foundation. Windway Capital Corp., is the parent company of Vollrath, which manufactures commercial-grade pots and pans; and North Sails, which makes high-tech racing sails, including those used by America?۪s Cup winners.

Mary and Terry have been involved for over a decade with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in the Trumpeter Swan Recovery Project, collecting and flying swan eggs back from Alaska. Additionally, they have been involved with the International Crane Foundation (ICF) and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USF&WS), flying whooping crane eggs for the International Whooping Crane Recovery Team from Ft. Smith, NWT, Canada, to Baraboo, WI, and Patuxent, MD. They are currently very involved with the ultra-light led Whooping Crane Recovery Project between Wisconsin and Florida.

Terry Kohler is also an outdoor sports enthusiast, and raced sports cars in SCCA competition in the mid 1960?۪s. He spent 6 years on the National Ski Patrol and is a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Riveredge Nature Center and is a life member of Ducks Unlimited (DU) and the National Rifle Association (NRA). Terry has been associated with Trout Unlimited (TU) for some years, and has served on the Board of Directors of the Trout & Salmon Foundation for two decades.

Mary Kohler was raised in a family that loved nature. She helped found the Riveredge Nature Center in Newberg and even served as a teacher-naturalist. Mary has served in leadership roles at such notable conservation organizations as The Nature Conservancy, Museum of the Rockies, and the International Crane Foundation.

Mr. and Mrs. Kohler recently received a Cooperative Conservation Award from the U.S. Department of the Interior for their significant contributions to the recovery of endangered whooping cranes in eastern North America. Mr. Kohler also received the 2008 Good Citizenship Award from the Sheboygan Rotary Club.