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2008 Recipient

Ted Turner, chairman of the Turner Foundation and founder of CNN, the world?۪s first live, in-depth, round-the-clock news television network, will be the recipient of the 2008 Lindbergh Award in recognition of his commitment to the environment.

A gala was held at The Ritz Carlton, Buckhead, in Atlanta, Ga., on Saturday evening, May 17, 2008.



Fascinated with the natural world since he was a young boy, Turner read books on everything from animals in Africa to whales in the ocean deep. Today, Turner believes that protecting the environment is central to the very survival of human life, an opinion that closely mirrors Charles Lindbergh?۪s statement that ???all the achievements of mankind have value only to the extent that they preserve and improve the quality of life?۝ ??? all life, not human life, alone.

Turning his conviction into action, Ted Turner established the Turner Foundation in 1991 to support preservation and conservation efforts that protect the earth?۪s resources. His Foundation supports clean water and toxic reduction projects; clean air through improved energy efficiency and renewables; wildlife habitat protection; and equitable practices and policies aimed at reducing population growth rates. ???We have a beautiful, fragile planet where all people and all things are interdependent and interconnected,?۝ says Turner on the Turner Foundation, Inc., web site. ???Every action or inaction has an impact ??? good or bad ??? upon our surroundings, and anything we do today will have an impact on the lives of our grandchildren.?۝

In 1997, the Turner Endangered Species Fund was created to conserve biodiversity by ensuring the persistence of endangered species and their habitats with an emphasis on private land. This Fund supports the distribution of reliable scientific and policy information on biodiversity conservation and works closely with state and federal agencies, universities, and private organizations to accomplish its mission. It has also been involved in reintroduction projects for endangered species.

In January 2007, Turner launched a new clean energy business venture to provide clean power solutions to several U.S. markets, including California. Partnering with Dome-Tech Solar, a leading solar energy developer in Jew Jersey, DTSolar, A Turner Renewable Energy company, worked to deliver commercial and industrial solar power systems to several U.S. markets, including California, addressing the country?۪s growing dependence on fossil fuels. Turner believes our future depends on changing the way we use energy, and recommends moving away from fossil fuels and developing long-term energy solutions that work. (DT Solar/Turner Renewable Energy was recently acquired by First Solar, Inc. The company will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of First Solar, Inc. under the name First Solar Electric, LLC.)

To learn more about Ted Turner and his accomplishments, please visit www.tedturner.com.