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Sarah Susanka
2007 Recipient

Award Presented at the Minnesota History Center, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Bestselling Author Sarah Susanka received the Foundations Anne Morrow Lindbergh Award for “outstanding individual achievement, a spirit of initiative, and work that exemplifies great dedication toward making positive contributions to our world.” Dr. Sally Ride was the first recipient of this award in 2003.


Architect and cultural visionary Sarah Susanka is leading a movement to redefine the American home and lifestyle. Her build better, not bigger approach to residential architecture has been embraced across the country and her Not So Big philosophy is evolving beyond our physical habitations and into how we inhabit our lives. In May 2007, Random House published The Not So Big Life: Making Room for What Really Matters in which Susanka reveals that quality-over-quantity serves not only architectural aims, but life goals as well. She unveils a process for changing the way we live by fully inhabiting each moment of our lives and showing up completely in whatever it is we are doing. Through this process, readers will discover more meaningfulness, vitality and that sense of being at home in life that so many people are searching for today. As a leading advocate for the re-popularization of residential architecture, Susanka has improved the quality of home design while countering the elitist image of architects so commonly held by the public. She is regularly tapped for her dynamic presentations by Fortune 500 companies, homebuilders, nonprofits and trade organizations. She was born in Kent, England, and lives in North Carolina.

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