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Dr. Richard Evans Schultes
1991 Recipient


Pioneer plant conservationist Dr. Richard Evans Schultes had been a leader in the effort to save the rainforests. Called by His Royal Highness Prince Philip the greatest plant explorer of this century and “The Father of Ethnobotany” (the study of the use of plants in primitive cultures), Dr. Schultes was considered the world’s authority on hallucinogenic, narcotic, and medicinal plants and the leading expert on rubber. The President of Colombia, in recognition of his work and influence, named a large section of a biological preserve in the Amazon “Sector Schultes,” and fellow botanists have honored him by naming several genera and many species for him. Jeffrey Professor of Biology and Director of the Botanical Museum at Harvard University (Emeritus), Dr. Schultes had developed numerous students dedicated to preserving the rainforests and the invaluable plant knowledge of the forests’ inhabitants.