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Lindbergh Award Event

1/19/12 – Lindbergh Foundation Announces Lindbergh Awardees


10/30/12 – Lindbergh Foundation Announces AGA Awareness Campaign
10/30/12 – Lindbergh Foundation Announces Aviation Partners Boeing as Corporate Awardee
4/20/12 -??BRS Aerospace Joins Aviation Green Alliance
4/20/12 -??Lindbergh Prize for Innovation Given to e-volo
3/28/12 – Sikorsky Joins Aviation Green Alliance
3/27/12 – Lindbergh Foundation Celebrates 35th Anniversary with Astronauts Armstrong, Lovell & Cernan
2/15/12 – FedEx Corporation Joins Aviation Green Alliance


11/08/11 – Pribyl and Stangarone Join Lindbergh Foundation Board of Directors
10/10/11 – Jeppesen Joins Aviation Green Alliance
4/04/11 – Lindbergh Foundation Announces First Aviation Green Alliance Founder
3/30/11 – Walsh and Koenig Join Lindbergh Foundation Board of Directors
2/03/11 – Lindbergh Foundation to Lead Aviation Green Alliance

Lindbergh Award Event
3/28/11 – WASPs and Astronaut to Attend Lindbergh Award Celebration
2/14/11 – Lindbergh Foundation Announces Winners of 34th Annual Awards


11/04/10 – Lindbergh Foundation Sponsors Forum at AOPA
8/26/2010 – Lindbergh Grant Awarded to Stephanie Mixson – Project Focuses on Saltwater Algae as Biofuel Source
7/29/10 – Lindbergh Foundation Named as Beneficiary of Lightspeed Aviation Foundation
7/26/10 – Sean Tucker and Kermit Weeks Join Lindbergh Foundation Board
4/13/10 – Lindbergh Foundation Announces 2010 Lindbergh Grant Recipients
2/18/10 – News Release – Lindbergh Foundation Donates Airplane to Kenya Wildlife Service

Lindbergh Award Event
4/09/10 – Turn Tax-Day Blues into Aviation Green During Lindbergh Foundation Day at Sun ???n Fun
4/06/10 – African Safari, Aerobatics, & the Kings — Oh, My!?? Bidding for Lindbergh Foundation On-Line Auction Begins
3/11/10 – Jack Pelton and FedEx to Receive Lindbergh Awards


11/05/09 – Press Release – Lindbergh Foundation Partners with Rich Sugden to Donate Husky to Kenya Wildlife Service
10/06/09 – Larry Williams Elected Chairman/President & CEO
06/15/09 – Spirit of St. Louis Rides Create Memories
06/03/09 – Kate Dougherty Joins Lindbergh Foundation Board of Directors
04/22/09 – Lindbergh Foundation Announces 2009 Lindbergh Grant Recipients at Sun ‘n Fun
04/17/09 – Lindbergh Foundation to Premiere New Film at Sun ‘n Fun — Over Africa! Low and Slow

Lindbergh Award Event
04/21/09 – Terry and Mary Kohler to Receive Lindbergh Award
04/08/09 – The Spirit Flies Again Through the Lindbergh Foundation’s On-Line Silent Auction
02/04/09 – Lindbergh Foundation Announces 2009 Lindbergh Awardees: Lester Brown and Terry and Mary Kohler


10/2/08 – Technology and Innovation are Key to Making Aviation Safe, Enjoyable & More Fuel Efficient
9/15/08 – Lindbergh Foundation Announces Featured Speakers for “Spectrum of Aviaition” Hangar Party
9/12/08 – Lindbergh-Lycoming Aviation Grant Applications Accepted Until Oct. 30
9/08/08 – Lindbergh Foundation to Hold “Spectrum of Aviation” Hangar Party
7/30/08 – Stanford Financial Group Joins Aviation Green Investment Program

EAA Announcements
8/04/08 – Lindbergh Foundation Partners with the Patty Wagstaff/Kenya Wildlife Service
7/31/08 – Lindbergh-Lycoming Grant Awarded to Ganesh Raman
7/29/08 – Lindbergh Foundation and Orvis Announce Aviation-Themed Clothing Line
7/28/08 – Lindbergh-Lycoming Grant Applications Accepted until October 30

Lindbergh Award Event
06/12/08 – Lindbergh Awardees Focus on Environmental Stewardship and “Going Green”
04/30/08 – Lindbergh Foundation Offers Rare Collectibles and Aviation Activities in Global Online Auction
02/12/08 – Ted Turner and The Jacoby Group to Receive Lindbergh Awards


12/06/07 – Aviation Green Investment Program Announced
10/09/07 – John King Elected to serve as Chairman of the Board

NBAA Announcements

09/26/07 – Linden Blue Joins Foundation Board; “Lindbergh Partners” Program and Other New Board members Announced; Ed Bolen Recognized for NBAA Chairities Gift

EAA Announcements
07/25/07 – Lindbergh-Lycoming Grant Award to Thomas Ehresman
07/25/07 – Lindbergh-Lycoming Grant Partnership Set for a Third Year
07/25/07 – First Lindbergh-Lycoming Grant Recipient Reports Significant Progress
07/25/07 – Lindbergh-Lycoming Grant Applications Accepted Until Nov. 1

Lindbergh Award Event
02/13/07 – Lindbergh Foundation to Honor Fay, Cernan and Susanka
04/17/07 – Lindbergh Award Celebration Honors Dr. Fay, Cernan and Susanka; Silent Auction and Book Signing Also Planned
06/08/07 – Four Lindbergh Awardees Reflect on Living Life on Earth; Google to receive Corporate Award for Balance.


Lindbergh Award Event
1/31/06 – Foundation Presents Lindbergh Award to Peter Diamandis and Will Steger
6/14/06 – Aviation and the Environment Find Common Ground; Patagonia, Inc. Receives First Ever Corporate Award for Balance

Grants Program

7/28/06 – Lindbergh-Lycoming Grant Established


Minnesota Events
6/9/05 – Burt Rutan and Other Aviation Legends Inspire Crowd
2/14/05 – Lindbergh Foundation to Host Two Events in Minnesota


11/3/04 – Historic Space Flight Unites Past and Present