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2009 Recipient

Lester Brown was selected to receive the 2009 Lindbergh Award for his lifelong environmental leadership. He understands the interrelatedness of the world’s economy, population, and environmental resources. He presents a realistic view of the world, yet remains optimistic as he suggests practical solutions to many of today’s most pressing environmental issues.


He is the founder and president of the Earth Policy Institute, which provides a vision and a road map for achieving an environmentally sustainable economy. Prior to that, he founded the Worldwatch Institute, and was its president for 26 years. While there he established the World Watch Papers, the annual State of the World report, and the World Watch magazine, among others. Mr. Brown has been called “the world’s most influential thinker” by the Washington Post, “the guru of the environmental movement,” by the Telegraph of Calcutta, he helped pioneer the concept of environmentally sustainable development, and in 1986 the Library of Congress requested his personal papers stating that his writings “have already strongly affected thinking about problems of world population and resources.”

While at Earth Policy Institute, he published Eco-Economy: Building an Economy for the Earth, which E.O. Wilson called “an instant classic.” His most recent book is Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization.

Mr. Brown is the recipient of many prizes and awards, including 23 honorary degrees, a MacArthur Fellowship, the 1987 United Nations’ Environment Prize, the 1989 World Wide Fund for Nature Gold Medal, and the 1994 Blue Planet Prize for his “exceptional contributions to solving global environmental problems.” More recently, he was awarded the presidential Medal of Italy, the Borgstrom Prize by the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, and appointed an honorary professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He holds a bachelor of science degree in agricultural science from Rutgers University, an M.S. degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Maryland, and an M.P.A. degree (Public Administration) from Harvard University.

To learn more about Lester Brown and his work, please visit www.earth-policy.org.