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Hey Kids! For those of you doing reports on Charles Lindbergh or Anne Morrow Lindbergh, here are some websites that you can check out to find more information about them and their pioneering flights. – This is a comprehensive website on all aspects of Charles’ life.
Cradle of Aviation – The Curtiss JN-4 Jenny airplane and a Spirit of St. Louis reproduction are on exhibit. This museum celebrates Long Island’s aviation heritage.
National Air and Space Museum – The Spirit of St. Louis and the Lockheed Sirius (Tingmissartoq) airplanes are on permanent exhibit.
Missouri Historical Society – A Spirit of St. Louis reproduction is on exhibit at the museum. Charles donated many of the gifts he received after the flight to the Missouri Historical Society, many of which are on display. Charles spent time as an airmail pilot in St. Louis before the flight and received funding from the St. Louis backers to build the Spirit.
Minnesota Historical Society – Items from Charles’ childhood years in Little Falls are housed here as well as Lindbergh family genealogy information.
Lindbergh Historic Site – The house where Charles grew up in Little Falls, Minnesota as well as an interpretive center and museum, operated by the Minnesota Historical Society.
San Diego Aerospace Museum – Located near where the Spirit of St. Louis airplane was built, many Ryan Airlines photographs are located there, and own the only known flying replica of the Spirit of St. Louis.
Orbital Air/Donald A. Hall Aviation Foundation – Owns many exclusive, personal photos of Charles Lindbergh and Donald Hall, the chief engineer at Ryan Airlines who designed modifications to the plane that became the Spirit of St. Louis. Many construction photos of the Spirit.


“Make a Compass” – Provided courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Transportation.
“Paper A Paper Airplane” – Provided courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Transportation.