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Dr. John H. and Nancy Jack Todd
1998 Recipient

Dr. John H. and Nancy Jack Todd, President and Vice President of Ocean Arks International, East Falmouth, Massachusetts, were the first couple to receive the Lindbergh Award. Their pioneering work in ecological engineering has resulted in John Todd’s “Living Machines” — ecosystems technologies which treat wastes and purify water with plants, animals and bacteria, rather than chemicals. Such “Machines,” which have earned three U.S. patents, have been built or are being constructed in many cities, towns, villages and schools in a number of countries.


While continuing “Living Machines” work, the Todds are designing a first generation of urban bioshelters — economic enterprises involving food production, energy conversion, markets, educational facilities and public spaces. The preliminary design of an ecological industrial park has also been undertaken. Included in the Todds’ current educational efforts is development of a series of proposals to integrate restoration ecology into public education programs and school curricula. Among previous honors received by one or both members of this creative partnership are awards from the Friends of the United Nations Environment Programme, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (1989 and 1996), the White House, Discover magazine, and Chrysler. Nancy Todd is editor and publisher of Annals of Earth, an international ecological journal, and the Todds have published several books on ecological design and authored more than 200 technical and popular articles and essays on biology and planetary stewardship.

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