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Amory B. and L. Hunter Lovins
1999 Recipient

Amory B. and L. Hunter Lovins, Co-founders of Rocky Mountain Institute (“RMI”), Old Snowmass, Colorado, were chosen to receive the 1999 Lindbergh Award for their outstanding achievements in energy and environmental practice and policy over the past three decades..


The Lovinses innovative technical, economic, and policy concepts are transforming the energy (particularly electricity), car and real estate industries. Their work consistently merges theory with practical application, as exemplified by RMI’s headquarters. There, using 1983 technology, savings of approximately 99 percent in space- and water-heating energy and about 90 percent in household electricity paid back the cost in 10 months. Together or individually, the Lovinses have advised numerous major corporations and real estate developers and more than 100 electric and gas utilities throughout the world. Their public sector clients include United Nations agencies, the governments of a number of foreign countries, over 20 states and provinces, the U.S. Congress and Departments of Energy and Defense, among others. In addition to the Lindbergh Award, the Lovinses have received the Onassis Foundation’s first Delphi prize, the Nissan prize, a 1982 Mitchell Prize, and a 1983 Right Livelihood Award. Their publications, most prepared jointly, include more than 25 books and several hundred papers. Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, a book written with business author/entrepreneur Paul Hawken, was released in September 1999, and was the subject of Amory Lovins’ Award lecture.

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