4/20/12 – BRS Aerospace Joins Aviation Green Alliance

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BRS Aerospace Joins Aviation Green Alliance

Ballistic Recovery Systems Joins Aviation Green?? Alliance as a Founding Member

The Lindbergh Foundation is pleased to announce that BRS Aerospace – designer, manufacturer, and seller of exceptionally reliable, innovative, and high quality safety and aerospace products – has joined the Aviation Green Alliance as a Founding Member.

“We are thrilled that BRS Aerospace is joining our elite group of Aviation Green Alliance Founding Members,” said Lindbergh Foundation Executive Director Yolanka Wulff. “BRS provides a solution to a problem unique and inherent to aviation, using parachutes to save lives. The support of BRS, and its fellow Founding Members, demonstrates the importance of Aviation Green Alliance as a leader in the future of aviation. I am confident that both Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh would be enormously proud to have such a prestigious organization as a supporter – especially one which has done so much for aviation and has had such an impact on saving lives.”

In recent years, the aviation industry – including manufacturing, corporate operators and individuals – have come under intense pressure to address aviation emissions, noise, efficiency and other environmental concerns. The Lindbergh Foundation launched the Aviation Green Alliance in 2011 to support and encourage those who are committed to proactively addressing aviation’s environmental challenges.

“It is a privilege and an honor for BRS Aerospace to be involved and supporting such a prestigious organization as the Lindbergh Foundation and its Aviation Green Alliance program. It is our responsibility as business leaders to leave a better world for future generations. We at BRS strongly believe in preserving and improving the quality of life,” said Enrique Dillon, Board Chairman.

The Aviation Green Alliance was established to create multiple platforms for members to share strategies, findings, progress, and ideas related to aviation’s environmental challenges. With the Lindbergh Foundation’s mission and history deeply rooted in aviation, the Foundation has taken on the responsibility to step forward and lead a grassroots rally to support tangible, measurable, and sustainable environmental progress by the aviation industry. We hope other like-minded individuals and companies will join our Founding Members – Bombardier Aerospace, Cessna, Hawker Beechcraft, Jeppesen, FedEx, Fantasy of Flight, Sikorsky Innovations, and now BRS Aerospace – to help Lindbergh Foundation’s Aviation Green Alliance lead the way.

About The Lindbergh Foundation

The Lindbergh Foundation is a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, based in Anoka, Minnesota, which focuses on technological breakthroughs to address significant aviation-environmental issues. The Lindbergh Foundation also values individual initiative and accomplishments. Its programs are devoted to supporting, honoring, and educating individuals, through three major programs: the annual Lindbergh Award, presented to individuals for significant contributions toward balancing nature and scientific innovation in their work; the Lindbergh Grants program, which provides grants in amounts up to $10,580 (the cost of building the Spirit of St. Louis in 1927) for research or education projects that will make important contributions to the technology/environment balance; and a variety of educational events including the new Aviation Green Alliance.

About BRS Aerospace

81Based in South Saint Paul, Minnesota, BRS Aerospace designs, manufactures, and distributes whole-aircraft BRS Logoemergency parachute systems for general aviation and recreational aircraft. BRS Defense designs and manufactures a variety of parachute systems for US Department of Defense and foreign military customers. Since 1981, BRS Aerospace has delivered more than 31,000 parachute systems to aircraft owners worldwide, including over 4,700 systems on FAA-certificated aircraft such as Cirrus, Cessna 172/182 and the C-162 Skycatcher. To date, BRS Aerospace parachute recovery systems have been credited with saving the lives of 276 pilots and passengers.