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Jeppesen Joins Aviation Green Alliance

Jeppesen Joins Aviation Green Alliance
By Stephen Pope

October 10, 2011
Jeppesen has joined the Lindbergh Foundation?۪s Aviation Green Alliance as a founding member. The group?۪s aim is to tackle environmental challenges facing the aviation industry, including emissions, noise and operational efficiency.

???Jeppesen fully supports the collaborative effort led by the Lindbergh Foundation Aviation Green Alliance to develop solutions for addressing environmental challenges facing the aviation industry,?۝ said Mark Van Tine, Jeppesen president and CEO. ???The Aviation Green Alliance organization offers an opportunity for aviation-related companies and individuals to share best practices and establish innovative programs to help guide environmental stewardship related to aviation industry operations.?۝

The Aviation Green Alliance was formed earlier this year to encourage solutions, acknowledge progress and communicate ideas among aviation-related companies when considering environmental issues related to aviation. One of the Lindbergh Foundation?۪s overarching missions is to seek a balance between technology and the environment, a concept first advocated by Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Other founding members of the Green Alliance include Hawker Beechcraft, Bombardier and Cessna.

The Alliance is supporting several grant programs designed to reduce aviation?۪s environmental footprint, including research into electric-powered aircraft as well as reducing aircraft drag by mimicking the geometry of shark scales and reducing noise through the use of ultra-high-frequency sound waves.

About The Lindbergh Foundation

The Lindbergh Foundation is a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, based in Anoka, Minnesota, which supports great innovations that foster the environment for a planet in balance. The Lindbergh Foundation also values individual initiative and accomplishments. Its programs are devoted to supporting, honoring, and educating individuals, through three major programs: the annual Lindbergh Award, presented to individuals for significant contributions toward balancing nature and scientific innovation in their work; the Lindbergh Grants program, which provides grants in amounts up to $10,580 (the cost of building the Spirit of St. Louis in 1927) for research or education projects that will make important contributions to the technology/environment balance; and a variety of educational events and publications centered on the balance theme.